About Us

Backbone technologies is promoted by group of experienced technocrats with successful track record and reputation. The company was incorporated as partnership firm in yeas of 2012 to set up most advanced composites engineering unit equipped with sophisticated equipment using state of art technology for fabrication work of pressure booster system's header (manifold) & pressure booster system's panel board. We are leading manufacturer of header and panel board. We are giving header & panel board at competitive prize in this age of globalization. We Provide best solution for pressure booster system's manufacturer & pump dealer of any company.

System Function

  • A Variable Frequency drive integrated control panel operates the pump in an alternative and sequential fashion to maintain the uniform pressure with floating inventor Technology.
  • The operation of the system starts,when the pressure transmitter signals to PLC/VFD,when the demand value is lesser then the set pressure value.
  • Frequency command is based on differences in the set pressure anrl artual pressure when the pressure difference is less than the proportional less value is given as the frequency signal direct to VFD/from PLC.
  • Pump alternation / cascading are done automatically with respect to setting on VFD/HMI.
  • When the actual pressure reaches more than the ser pressure value then the system stops,the run commend is taken off and VFD stops.
  • Again the system scans repeatedly for drop in actual pressure and repeats the process.